family man and an explosive gambler

Cody Wild Coaster Burnett, known under the pseudonym Xposed, is an English-speaking streamer evolving mainly on the Twitch platform where he has more than 350,000 followers. The 24-year-old Canadian offers content focused on gambling and especially online casino. Appreciated for his explosive personality and crazy reactions during his live games, he is also very transparent about his private life in Ontario. He has lived there with his fiancee and long time girlfriend and their one-year-old son, Linkin.

Before reaching such a large community, Xposed has had a rollercoaster ride, he had big plans for his future as a streamer but still gave up and lost hope. However it is clear that resuming his passion and persevering has been a good choice.

Lucky7Bonus invites you to find out more on this atypical character, a calm and settled family man, yet known in part for his excesses of rage when playing.

xposed et son enfant
Xposed’s journey and his transition to gambling
From the age of 8, Xposed has been passionate about video games. He was spending most of his time on the FPS Call of Duty and very quickly started playing live on Twitch. He quickly created a small community that follows his excesses of rage and madness, but spectators were much more oriented towards the best professional gamers and Cody did not have the appropriate level. His numbers flattened and the young Canadian lost the urge to stream, leaving Twitch in the summer of 2016.

Pushed by Shania, the one who will later become his fiancée, and his friends, Xposed resumed streaming in November with this time a great ambition and a clear goal: to become a full time Twitch streamer, get his financial freedom and afford to move to a big house.

Passionate about gambling, Xposed has the habit of betting money with friends or opponents on competitive games of Call of Duty, at the same time he begins to be interested in online casinos and slowly begins to include Blackjack sessions in his lives, during which he tries to “make up” after lost stakes games.

These moments of gambling appeal to its audience and gradually occupy a larger and larger place in its content. He gradually discovers an environment that he likes, where he can rage and shout with joy, his audience grows and his dreams seem to become accessible thanks to the support of his viewers and the affiliation with online casinos.

Xposed on the internet
Xposed on Twitch
The young Canadian player launched his Twitch channel in 2015, it has been a real success since March 2020 and the beginning of the global epidemic, his online casino sessions are followed by several thousand people. Cody has a very aggressive style, he doesn’t hesitate to bet his entire balance several times, even if it means losing everything. The rhythm is frenetic during his lives, he goes from an all in Blackjack hand to a $25,000 bonus buy on a slot machine in a matter of seconds, juggling between screaming and laughter.

It’s this explosive side that appeals to his audience, reminiscent of the days when he would break his controllers, screens or anything else he could get his hands on when he got angry over online games.

His early subscribers often ask him to go back to video games and the Canadian is still very close to the competitive gaming scene and in particular to Call of Duty, but he seems to really enjoy online gambling.

His other social networks
Xposed is often present on his other social networks, in this case twitter and instagram where he shares a little more about his private life and his family. But he is on Youtube that he is the most active outside of Twitch. Every day, he posts the best moments of the previous day’s stream. His channel now has more than 60,000 subscribers and is constantly growing.

Projects and future
When a viewer asked Xposed in 2017 “where do you see yourself in 5 years”, the young Canadian streamer replied: “full-time Twitch streamer,about 1,000 viewers on average… a house with my girlfriend and why not a little baby !” Today we can say that Cody has achieved his teenage dreams and with every big win he immediately thinks of the life he will be able to provide, for his family, as soon as the situation allows them to travel and enjoy it.

That doesn’t stop him from remembering his early days in video games, he is planning to set up a RolePlay multiplayer server on the GTA V game, for which he is launching a recruitment on his twitter account. This will delight his long-time fans.

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