Event Series for Progressive Roulette

The moniker “progressive roulette tournament” is a little misleading, but there’s logic to it.

Freerolls for progressive roulette

People often refer to conventional progressive games when they talk about progressive roulette tournaments, although those unfamiliar with the format may mistakenly think it’s a tournament, and they would be right.

It seems that progressive roulette tournaments don’t really take place at all.

A tournament is a type of event where participants pay a single entry fee and play until a predetermined finish line, unless they are eliminated before the conclusion. Contrary to popular belief, progressive roulette tournaments do not operate in this manner; unlike straight tournaments, they do not have a single admission fee and have a little more complex payout structure. Online roulette tournaments do occur on a regular basis in accordance with the definition of a tournament, but none of them have progressive jackpots yet.

Progressive roulette tournaments: why are they so baffling to so many?

Progressive roulette games may be somewhat perplexing for those who aren’t familiar with them. When you play progressive roulette, it’s like playing two games simultaneously. Just as in a non-progressive game, you place your usual wager, but you’re also required to pay a side bet that contributes to the eventual progressive jackpot. So, there are two outcomes to keep an eye out for whenever the wheel is spun: the immediate result and the progressive result. The progressive outcome is determined by the successive occurrence of numbers, and there are five ways to win the jackpot, each of which offers a progressively larger prize. The progressive jackpot grows quickly—often by around $1,000 per hour—and it’s a big one. For this reason, progressive roulette tournaments are often mentioned. The progressive payment is actually quite similar to the progressive setup you’d see in other progressive games; they just think it’s a tournament payout. A small number of participants are eligible to receive the progressive payment, and the prize pool is proportional to the size of the event. On top of that, the side bet is instantly taken when the primary wager is made, so many don’t really see that they’re paying into it, which adds to the confusion.

For what locations are “progressive roulette tournaments” held?

At this time, the only places you can play progressive roulette are on casino websites that are powered by Microgaming. One of the most recent installments in Microgaming’s extensive library of progressive games is Roulette Royale. Although they are continuously working on new initiatives, it is conceivable that they may provide more progressive roulette games or even progressive roulette tournaments in the future.

Ultimately, the fact that progressive roulette and progressive roulette tournaments are often used interchangeably shows how quickly the online gaming industry is evolving. Though it’s always entertaining, staying abreast of all the new ideas, games, and concepts that pop up every month isn’t always easy.

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