Europe RMR A betting guide

he all superslot free credit 30 confirm otp withdraw 300 IEM Rio Major 2022 is one of the biggest and most prestigious esports events of the year. In this betting guide, we will explain how the teams ranking through the IEM Road to Rio RMR Europe A will work, which teams will participate and who should be the favourites.

What is the IEM Road to Rio RMR?
RMR stands for “Regional Major Rankings”. These are the last regional qualifying tournaments for the IEM Rio Major 2022, all taking place between October 4th and 9th. After the qualifying tournaments are over, we’ll meet the 24 teams that will participate in this year’s second CS:GO Major, which will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, between October 31st and November 13th.

Two RMR events will serve as qualifiers for the European teams, the IEM Road to Rio 2022 Europe RMR A and the IEM Road to Rio 2022 Europe RMR B , both held in Malta. The top eight teams will qualify for the IEM Rio Major 2022 through these two events, bringing the total of European teams participating in the major to 16.

Six spots are reserved for South American and North American teams at the Rio Major. They will have to qualify for the IEM Road to Rio 2022 Americas RMR , which takes place in Stockholm, Sweden.

The final two spots go to Asia, where four teams will face each other at the Road to Rio 2022 Asia RMR, which takes place in Melbourne, Australia.

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Which teams will be at the IEM Road to Rio 2022 Europe RMR A?
Sixteen teams qualified for the IEM Road to Rio 2022 Europe RMR A through their performance at the PGL Major Antwerp 2022 earlier this year or Open Qualifiers events. Among these teams, only eight will qualify for the IEM Rio Major 2022. Of these eight, four teams will start the Major at the Challengers Stage. The event is scheduled to begin in the Swiss system best of one (Bo1) format, followed by knockout and advance matches played in the best of three (Bo3) format.

Which teams will qualify through the IEM Road to Rio 2022 Europe RMR A?
Obviously, the big favorite to qualify through the IEM Road to Rio 2022 Europe RMR A is FaZe Clan , the current Major title holder and led by the legendary IGL Finn ”karrigan” Andersen. The other teams that have probably already booked their plane tickets to Rio de Janeiro are Cloud9 , who are in great shape and boast the spectacular talent of AWPer Dmitry “sh1ro” Sokolov, and G2 , who play with none other than Rasmus.” HooXi” Nielsen.

Three other teams that have a high chance of qualifying are Ninjas in Pajamas , Fnatic (home of two-time Major Freddy “KRIMZ” Johansson) and Team Spirit .

The tricky part is predicting who will get the last two spots. Under normal circumstances, Astralis would be a sure bet for the Major, but with Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke sidelined with injury and replaced by Mikkel “MistR” Thomsen of Astralis Talent (the franchise’s new talent training team), anything can happen . Sprout , on the other hand, is still trying to break even after hiring Ismail “refrezh” Ali.

Bad News Eagles will try to replicate the absolutely amazing PGL Major Antwerp 2022 campaign, but it might be harder than it looks. İsmailcan “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş will do anything to deliver the same stellar performance as the ESL Pro League Season 16 and secure the Eternal Fire rating .

How to bet on IEM Road to Rio RMR?
Betting on esports is easy. However, beginners may need help navigating the various methods available to place a bet. We have prepared a useful guide to help all those who want to place their bets during the IEM Road to Rio RMR.

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Pinnacle offers a number of betting markets for CS:GO enthusiasts during the IEM Road to Rio RMR. The most popular market for esports bettors is Linear Betting, which are direct bets on the winner of a match. Futures betting markets are also available for bettors interested in betting on the teams that will secure a spot for the IEM Rio Major 2022.

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If you are a keen bettor, stay up to date with our odds page for the IEM Road to Rio 2022 Europe RMR A. Pinnacle offers the best odds and a wide range of different markets for CS:GO betting, both pre-match and live.

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